Murphy’s Law of Air Travel

Never plan a rehearsal the day you’re flying in. Ever.

We had our first full cast rehearsal on Wednesday. I was in North Carolina for business and expected to return Tuesday.  After a messy start to the trip, my outbound was postponed to Wednesday. Fine, I thought. I could make this work. Just like the guy with two dates in a sitcom, I could not.

Wednesday was a laundry list of flight delays.  I texted Fearless Director Jake that I would be cutting it close.. which became an hour late.. which became two hours.  But a sign of hope! The plane was ready to board! People were lining up! And then! And then……. canceled.

“I missed my own show’s first rehearsal.”

Or did I?

13669135_10153790373589077_5969051499737528564_nRehearsal in the year 2016

My badass team SKYPED me in to participate and it worked like a charm for 3 hours! (Okay so maybe my face was frozen the whole time. But I could see them and they could hear me!)  It was magical, productive, and on-brand for what this show is about.  If you have a strong team, any obstacle can be conquered. Looking forward to next rehearsal’s surprise blizzard and bear attack.


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