Portrait of a Light Designer

Alex does a spectacular job lighting us bozos.  It’s only appropriate the skylight in DROM would light him like an angel.


Alex threatened to replace every sound cue with a really vulgar one.  Will this come to fruition?  Find out at one of our 5 performances!

TICKETS: Click Here


Venue Prep

Today was our day in DROM to prep for some killer FringeNYC shows.


The stage is BEAUTIFUL (as is the chandelier & enormous bar).  Get there early, grab a drink and settle in!  August 13th is opening night and our Fringe Plus show, which simply means big party afterwards!  Believe me, this cast will be ready for it.




Murphy’s Law of Air Travel

Never plan a rehearsal the day you’re flying in. Ever.

We had our first full cast rehearsal on Wednesday. I was in North Carolina for business and expected to return Tuesday.  After a messy start to the trip, my outbound was postponed to Wednesday. Fine, I thought. I could make this work. Just like the guy with two dates in a sitcom, I could not.

Wednesday was a laundry list of flight delays.  I texted Fearless Director Jake that I would be cutting it close.. which became an hour late.. which became two hours.  But a sign of hope! The plane was ready to board! People were lining up! And then! And then……. canceled.

“I missed my own show’s first rehearsal.”

Or did I?

13669135_10153790373589077_5969051499737528564_nRehearsal in the year 2016

My badass team SKYPED me in to participate and it worked like a charm for 3 hours! (Okay so maybe my face was frozen the whole time. But I could see them and they could hear me!)  It was magical, productive, and on-brand for what this show is about.  If you have a strong team, any obstacle can be conquered. Looking forward to next rehearsal’s surprise blizzard and bear attack.